Oct 25



ON TUESDAY 8h November 2016

  1. Present: Apologies:

Paul Philliips Chairman                                     Sam Bailey ‘Owslebury Tots’ Rep

Cathy Fox Secretary                                         Mark Egerton Sports Club Rep

Louise Westbury Treasurer                              Jo Hartley ‘Primary school Rep.’

Janet Jones                                                      David Greenslade ‘Christmas lights Rep’

Jill Chase                                                          Jo Bartholomew

Penny Bowes                                                    Yassir Mahmood

Paul Bowes   Village Hall Rep & PPC              John Hart ‘Moviola Rep.’

Barbara Crabbe

Liz Porteous

Alison Hodges                                                  Attendees

Jonathan Cooke ‘Morestead Rep’                    Roger Porteous

Sandra Dunford

John Hart

Carole Drew


  1. Minutes of last AGM on 10 November 2015


The minutes of the last AGM had been circulated, there were no amendments. Approval regarding the minutes as an accurate record were proposed by Paul Bowes and seconded by Alison Hodges. The minutes were approved and signed by the Chairman.


  1. Chairman’s Annual Report

The Chairman Paul Phillips read his report of OMCA activities for the year 2015-16. The report will be circulated to the committee with the minutes.


  1. Treasurer’s Report for year 2015-16

The Treasurer’s report and report of scrutineer Accountant were circulated to all members of the committee in attendance. £2950 is held in the account at the moment. This is £1300 less than this time last year. The Hog event ‘Arabian nights made £280 profit. Outgoings during the year included donations to St Andrew’s organ fund and the Wainscott project of £500 to each, insurances £250. Louise recommended that we keep the trustees liability insurance but consider not having the public liability insurance and rely on the village hall’s policy to cover this as most events take place in the hall. Moviola made an overall loss of £200 but this is considered a village asset and it is recommended that Moviola take up the village hall’s offer of lowering the hall fees for film nights.

Paul Bowes proposed that we thank Louise for her work throughout the year of keeping the accounts on behalf of OMCA. And that we adopt the report Janet Jones seconded this proposal and the treasurer’s report was agreed.


  1. Election of Officers

Paul Philiips agreed to stand as Chairman for another year and was voted in. Cathy Fox was standing down as secretary and proposed that Carole Drew was elected to take her place. The committee agreed and Carole was duly elected to the post of secretary of OMCA. Louise Westbury stood down as Treasurer. Paul Bowes proposed that Alison Hodges takes on the role. The committee agreed unanimously and Alison was duly elected as the new treasurer of OMCA


  1. Dates for next years meetings

The following dates were agreed 28 February 2017, 9th May 2017, 12th September 2017 and AGM 7th November 2017 followed by ordinary meeting.

  1. AOB

Cathy said she had been given the Hog booklet for the coming year. Hampshire County Council have reduced their funding grants for village entertainment If the village makes a loss on a Hog event then they are willing to grant £100 as a deficit fund only. The committee will have to decide whether or not to take up the offer in the future and she left the booklet for the new secretary.

As there was no further business to discuss Paul Phillips closed the meeting.

Louise Westbury and Cathy Fox were thanked by the committee for their service to the community and presented with a card and gift voucher.