Aug 25

Traffic database

We have been gathering evidence for a little while now of minor accidents/excessive speed in the Parish so as to help us in our discussions with the Police and traffic authorities.  We are continually told by the authorities ‘there is no evidence of traffic or speeding problems in Owslebury’, when we all know that there is.  Take the Morestead Hill for example where the speed limit is suppose to be 40mph but where traffic thunders down the hill making life difficult for our fellow parishioners who live in that area.  Or the Main Road where traffic is often oblivious to children and the elderly walking on the road to school or the bus stop.  Help us gather the information on near misses/speeding traffic/accidents by simply letting me have details of the date, time, place and nature of the incident.  It will all help to build a picture which the Council can then use in its discussions with the authorities.
 You can leave a message on 777313 or email at .

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