Transparency Report 2018/2019

Transparency Report 2018/2019

The Government requires smaller local authorities such as Owslebury Parish Council to publish certain information on an annual basis.  Most of the required information has already been published on the website but this Report summarises the information and directs the reader to other pages providing more detained information, as necessary.

1.Councillors during 2018/19

Parish Councillor John Chapman (Chair)
Parish Councillor Paul Phillips (Vice Chair)
Parish Councillor Mark Egerton
Parish Councillor Will Martin
Parish Councillor Roger Page
Parish Councillor Charlotte Thompson
Parish Councillor Paul Bowes

The Parish Councillors can be contacted via the Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer, Juanita Madgwick, on 07882375996 or email .

None of the Parish Councillors was a member of an external local public body.

Information on current Parish Councillors can be found HERE and on the District and County Councillors HERE

2. Agendas and Minutes

Agendas for the meetings held in 2018/19 can be found HERE and Minutes HERE

3. Individual items of expenditure £100 or more in 2018/19.

All expenditure of any amount is set out during the year in the Minutes of the Parish Council meetings.  Individual items of expenditure £100 or more is summarised – click  Payments Over £100 2018 19

For accounts submitted to the regulator click  Section 2

For explanations of variances between 2018/19 and 2017/18 click  Explanation of Variances 2 Explanation of Variances 1

For the bank reconciliation at 31st March 2019 click  Bank Rec

For detailed Receipts and Payments accounts click Payments & Receipts 2018 19

5.  Annual Governance Statement.

For the Annual Governance Statement submitted to the regulator click Section 1

For the external auditors report click

6. Internal Audit Reports.

For the Internal Audit Report submitted to the regulator click  Annual Internal Audit

For the Internal auditor’s letter to the Council click Internal Audit Letter

7.  Land owned or managed by the Parish Council.

For a summary of land owner or managed by the Parish Council click  transparency report Land owned by Council

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