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Protecting the parish landscape.

1. Removal of trees, bushes and hedges, and site clearance

The majority of parishioners work generously on a ‘good neighbour’ basis and help to protect the tranquillity and beauty of the parish. Indeed, the protection of the parish landscape and wildlife forms a cornerstone of the Parish Plan.

However, a number of instances have occurred recently where trees have been felled and shrubs and hedging removed.  In some cases this ‘site clearance’ seems designed to forestall proper consideration of planning applications and the possible imposition of conditions to protect the landscape and wildlife.

The Parish Council views cynical actions of this nature as being totally reprehensible, and will seek to expose them and call for action from the appropriate authorities as a matter of urgency.

Accordingly, whilst the Parish Council recognises the rights of individuals to undertake work on their own properties, where the council believes that such work:

– may affect wildlife which is protected by law, or
– is being undertaken to circumvent planning and conservation requirements which may be imposed as part of a formal consideration of a  planning application to be submitted at a later date

the Parish Council will seek early intervention by South Downs National Park Authority and Winchester City Council to stop the work from being undertaken.

Naturally, the Parish Council will view more sympathetically planning applications that seek to preserve and enhance the sylvan landscape and arbocultural heritage of the Parish, a policy strongly supported by South Downs National Park, Winchester City Council and other stakeholders.

2. Excess vegetation on public roads

At this time of year excess vegetation becomes an issue and the Council would be grateful for the help of all occupiers of land adjacent to the lanes to do all they can to avoid obstructions by cutting back vegetation.

3. Rights of Way

The Parish is renowned for the access the many bridleways and footpaths give to the countryside – access enjoyed by parishioners and visitors alike.
We all need to keep it that way, and the Council would appreciate your help and support.
All users are expected to keep to the public paths and bridleways and to ensure their dogs are under control.
All landowners are reminded of their legal obligations to keep Rights of Way clear of any obstacles such as fallen trees, or excess vegetation inhibiting use of the paths, and to ensure gates and stiles are in good repair. (For more information on the obligations of landowners, go online to  www3.hants.gov.uk/row).
The Council will be carrying out a survey of paths shortly and would appreciate the help of parishioners in bringing any material issues involving Rights of Way to the Council’s attention.  Equally, problems involving access can be reported direct to the HCC Countryside Department on-line at  hants.gov.uk/rh/row/problem-report.html 




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