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Help Tracing Your ‘Family Tree’ in Owslebury

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As local historian for Owslebury, I have collected a great deal of information on many past residents.


Many names are as now familiar as my own!  Village life was hard here years ago (Owslebury, caught up with the world, a century behind everyone else!) and it is only in recent years, with ‘mod cons’ and easy transport, that this little village has become a popular place to live.


A book was published in 1990 to celebrate ‘150 Years a Village School’, whilst researching this, a newspaper cutting for 1928 was found, stating:


“Owslebury, a small isolated village in Hampshire, south of Winchester, but off the main road, and apparently unknown in history!!!”


King Henry VIII courted Ann Seymour at Marwell. A Priest shot in the village Church whilst celebrating (the last) Mass!  Mysteries, ghosts, Agricultural Riots.  The village has seen them all!  Today, when people ask – “Where’s that?” The answer is “the village near Marwell Zoological Park!”


In years past, large families were common here, and tracing your family history is a bit of a nightmare!  Having access to Church burials etc.  I would like to try to help, and propose at some time, along with other information, to list some of the old village names.


GLASSPOOL is the oldest recorded here.


Married into the Harfield family of Owslebury, for starters, there is detailed information of the eighteen (living) children born to Joseph and Sybilla, who lived in Baybridge. For further information have a look at the information on births, deaths, registers and other local information on Historical information 2 and also on Historical 1


Children are listed in birth order, and for the many who are seeking information (the Best of British!)


Talking to old residents, and family, yields valuable information on the past.  I inherited a shoebox FULL of newspaper cuttings, history sheets and photos, and, having read them, I carried on where my mother in law stopped!  From a shoebox, to now, a MOUNTAIN of paperwork, full of ‘snippets’ on village life here.


My love of ‘all things Owslebury’ has given me access to valuable old records and is where much of this information comes from.  Old villagers have given, or left to me, family records, which gives first handaccounts of some events.  If some are repeated it is because they are from individuals, and they are – as given to me!


This has been a hobby for many years.  I consider that I’m only ‘a keeper’ of history, and not the owner of it!  Hopefully, among the many names here, someone will find his or her ancestors. (I know more people in the churchyard now, than the present villagers living here!)


E. H.