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The second highest village in Hampshire
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Cinema ParadisoOwslebury Moviola presents CINEMA PARADISO (PG) on Thursday, 18 September at 7.30pm (doors open 7 pm)


A film to warm the cockles of your heart - treat yourself to the re-release of Cinema Paradiso, in a new, restored print to mark this delightful picture’s 25th anniversary. (more details)

Automated Defibrillator

Advance notice that the Council is acquiring an automated defibrillator for
use in emergencies involving cardiac arrest.  Once installed it will be
available outside the Parish Hall on a 24/7 basis.  Whilst the
 defibrillator is easy to use, a community training programme will be
arranged shortly. Further information will follow.

SpeedWatch Team

If you are fed up with speeding traffic in the village then help the
Council set up a SpeedWatch team.  It's only a first step in a long process
to make the Parish a safer place for all of us - but it's an important step
as it will help us gather information to discuss with the Police, and to
demonstrate our commitment to enforcing speed limits. Initially SpeedWatch will be quite limited in its scope but if we are successful in our discussions with the traffic authorities we would hope to be able to extend it- in time- to the main routes in the Parish. At this stage I am only seeking to identify volunteers and once we are ready to launch SpeedWatch, the volunteers will be trained , insured and provided with all necessary equipment. There is no cost to you other than time - no more than an hour or two a month. If you are interested and want to find out more, please contact me on 777313 or email at
Owslebury Youth Club Website
Traffic Speed

Traffic speed is a major concern throughout the Parish and the Parish Council is seeking to work with the Police and Traffic Management Authorities to help resolve the problem.  The Council is seeking to build a database providing examples of accidents, excessive speed and other related issues. The database will be used in the Council's discussions with the Traffic Management Authorities. If you have any examples please contact the Clerk, Michael Cleary, on 01962 777313. Your name will not be shown on the website.

Cutting Back Vegetation

The countryside surrounding our Parish has many Bridleways and Public Footpaths.  

At this time of year excess vegetation becomes an issue and the Council would be grateful for the help of all occupiers of land adjacent to Public Paths and Bridleways to do all they can to avoid obstructing paths by cutting back vegetation. Naturally, the Council will endeavour to assist, as it has over the years, with particularly difficult areas.


The other side of the coin is equally important.  


There have been recent examples of parishioners and others diverting from the Public Footpaths and trespassing onto farmers land - in one case making a new path through a field of barley - or letting their dogs off the lead to run through fields of crops. This is not in the spirit of 'good neighbourly practice', and is some cases is unlawful.  We are a community with unrivalled access to the countryside and the Council encourages everyone to play their part in keeping it that way .     

*Notice to all Parishioners*

Parishioners have made clear to the Council over many years, their desire to protect the Parish landscape and wildlife, and indeed this forms a corner stone of the Parish Plan. Generally, parishioners tend to work on a 'good neighbour' basis and help protect the tranquillity and beauty of the Parish.


However, a number of instances have occurred recently where trees have been felled and shrubs and hedging removed.  In some cases this 'site clearance' seems designed to forestall proper consideration of planning applications and the possible imposition of conditions to protect the landscape and wildlife.


The Parish Council views cynical actions of this nature as being totally reprehensible, and will seek to expose them and call for action from the appropriate authorities as a matter of urgency.


Accordingly, whilst the Parish Council recognises the rights of individuals to undertake work on their own properties, where the Council believes that such work:

   - may affect wildlife which is protected by law, or
   - is being undertaken to circumvent planning and conservation requirements which may be imposed as part of a formal consideration of a planning application to be submitted at a later date the Council will seek early intervention by South Downs National Park Authority and WCC to stop the work from being undertaken.


Naturally, the Council will view more sympathetically planning applications that seek to preserve and enhance the sylvan landscape and arbocultural heritage of the Parish, a policy strongly supported by South Downs National Park, Winchester City Council and other stakeholders..


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